High quality film scanning with Nikon Super COOLSCAN 9000 ED.

4000dpi optical resolution, true 16-bit color, .TIF or .NEF (RAW) file format.

Available for color negative, color positive (slide), and BW films.

35mm scans up to 4,000 x 5,904 pixels

6x4.5 up to 8,964 x 6,696 pixels

6x6 up to 8,964 x 8,964 pixels

6x9 up to 8,964 x 13,176 pixels

Digital ICE technology uses infrared spectrum light to eliminate dust and minimize scratches during scan.

Modified film holders with anti-newton-ring (ANR) glass for extremely flat film plane.

Scans produce files with exceptional color and exposure information--comparable to Imacon/Hasselblad virtual drum scans. Like having a “RAW” file for your digitized film for drastically more digital editing capabilities compared to Noritsu or Frontier scanners.


16-bit color, Adobe RGB 1998, .TIF or .NEF, ICE dust removal.

35mm - $15 per frame 4000dpi    -    $10 per frame 2000dpi

6x4.5 - $20 per frame 4000dpi    -    $14 per frame 2000dpi

6x6 or 6x7 - $25 per frame 4000dpi    -    $17 per frame 2000dpi

6x8 or 6x9 - $30 per frame 4000dpi    -    $20 per frame 2000dpi

*35mm film must be in cut strips of 6 frames or fewer to fit scanner trays.

*6 x 8 and 6 x 9 film formats must be in strips of 2 frames or as single frames to fit scanner trays. If your film strips for these formats are more than two frames, your film will need to be cut down.

*25% discount for scans without ICE dust removal. Scans will require some digital dust spotting and/or scratch removal. ICE is highly recommended. ICE does not work with BW films.

*20% discount for scans with printing service.

*Some films with extreme density do not scan well. This is especially true of cross-processed film.


Photographer responsible for all shipping fees to/from MYTH.

Recommended service: USPS Priority Mail (includes electronic tracking).


Payment for scanning services due before file delivery.

Scan files shared with client via Google Drive and are available for download for 30 days after initial file delivery. Files scan also be delivered on USB media provided by client or MYTH.

*Additional fee for USB drive provided by MYTH.

MYTH takes great care to ensure the safety of film supplied by photographers, but will not be held liable for loss or damage of those materials while in our possession or during transportation by any carrier. Photographers should consider getting duplicates of their film created for shipping if this lab service is available to them.

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